Waterford Bank, N.A. Clarkston Back Roads Training Program

Waterford Bank, N.A. Clarkston Back Roads races is pleased to partner with Socially Motivated Wellness in offering a training program for all race distances.

Running groups will run for a couple of minutes then walk for a minute then run again, for example people who run a 10-minute mile will run 3 minutes, walk for a minute then run again for 3 minutes, there will also be groups who run for a minute, walk for a minute and run for a minute.  Walkers will walk for a couple of minutes then shuffle (which is just walking slower) then walk a bit faster for a couple of minutes.


Intervals are used for the entire workout, we don’t “graduate” to running or walking quickly all the time.  Using this interval method of training cuts down on injuries, allows you to go further and actually faster because you are taking a break. When you walk your heart rate and breathing slow down and you are using different muscles.   The benefit of this type of training is that you are in a group, the group provides expectations (that you show up), encouragement and motivation.

Each group will be led by 2-3 experienced group leaders, they will make sure that no one is left behind, will communicate with the group and provide encouragement and motivation.

Participants will be asked to run or walk at least 2 more times during the week. Everyone will receive a training calendar, training shirt, incentive item (i.e. a towel, bag or first aid kit), free entry into the 5k, 10k or half race plus up to 3 other free races to do during or after the training program, discounts to local running shops, running and walking information, weekly newsletter and more.

This program is for new runners, experienced runners who want to get faster, people who need to get off the couch, ANYONE – ages 18 to 84.

For more information or questions contact Sue Barnes directly at: 248-342-1009 or sue@somowellness.com

Details on the fall training program can be found here.

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